Program Pestpal

Program PestPal v9 runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, is programmed in Visual FoxPro. Program is designed for growing distilleries (modification to the classic distillery is possible). The basic functions of the program are the creation of receipts for customers, including records of sales, excise duty on spirit, fees for spirit burning, value added tax and income tax. In general, the scheme is aimed at the revenue part of the distillery, including tax levies and all duties to the customs administration. The basic advantage of the program is one single entry – receipt for the customer with subsequent generation of all necessary reports.
The concept of the program was based on the principle of one input and many outputs. Examples of possible outputs are the following: monthly sales, excise and revenue reports for accounting overviews, excise duties and yields of distilleries for period, the possibility of printing all statements to the customs office as required by the customs authorities.
The program also provides a simple overview of customers and the ability to view records from previous years and seasons in display mode. Statistical indicators offer the operator a complete overview of the burned types of yeasts, their profitability and at the same time offers the possibility to find the most interesting burning period in individual seasons and yeasts.
Program management is by means of access passwords so that it is always possible to see when the operation was performed. Some items such as pricing, financial output, opening, closing seasons, receipt corrections and backups are domain administrators’ domains and are not accessible to all PestPal staff.

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