The company’s activities are divided into 4 areas. The first activity is the creation and support of the PestPalapplication aimed to keeping the sales and tax obligations of distilleries. The second activity is to provide server services as well as HotSite, WarmSite and ColdSite, or lease space in our data center. The third activity is the operation of the online services DEXTOOL.EU and EKONIX.SK. The fourth area is programming and customizing services based on an agreement with the customer.

Pestpal application

The PestPal online application runs on all internet browsers. The basic functions of the program are the creation of receipts for customers, including records of sales, excise duty on spirit, fees for burning, value added tax and income tax. In general, the scheme is aimed at the revenue part of the distillery, including tax levies and all duties to the customs administration. The basic advantage of the applicatin is one single entry – receipt for the customer with subsequent generation of all necessary reports.

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Server services

We have our own data center where we operate our own services, but we can provide space rental at that data center. Companies can use our data center as HotSite, WamSite or ColdSite.

We can also provide comprehensive server services, including hardware. Create your own cloud with the plugin that you know where your data is.

Online services

It is used to store and share documents and text messages between users. The user can safely store documents and access them anywhere in the world. Documents can be up to 250 MB in size. Some types of documents such as PDF and JPG are instantly visualized. Other types of documents are available for download. These documents can be commented on by users, or users can send messages to each other and comment on them.

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It is an online accounting system support system that includes not only accounting documents management, time record processing (attendance), warehouse system and cash flow, which supports order processing, various activities and predictive cash flow. Its advantage is the cooperation between the accountant and the executive users of the company in such a way as to minimize the burden on both parties while providing full information to both parties, including the owners of the companies.

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PestPal co-operates with other companies and freelancers around the world to improve service delivery

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